Dog Training and Rehabilitation

Creating harmony between dogs and people.

Any Dog, Any Breed, Any Problem.

S. Miley Dog Training and Rehabilitation creates better bonds and relationships between dogs and their owners.

We specialize in dog training.

 Back to school with Cesar Millan local trainer learns from dog whisperer

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S. Miley Dog Training and Rehabilitation starts on the relationship level between dogs and their people. I

understand that by the time folks are looking for a trainer they are already in a lot of pain and

experience huge amount of stress when it comes to their dogs.  You may feel trapped by your dog’s

behaviors.  I want people to understand that the same dog causing this concern can be the soon be the

dog that brings them pleasure and a dog they can be proud of!   How do I do this?  I teach people how to

listen to and understand their dog. Clear concise communication is key for the relationship to grow in a

positive manner. A dog can trust you but have very little respect for you. My goal is for your dog to

understand how to behave and for you to understand what steps to take to instill trust and build

relationships with their dog through mutual respect. It all starts at relationship.  The ultimate goal is to

help owners create the dog of their dreams. It isn’t all about sit and stay…it is about using these things

to establish trust build respect and leadership. In the hands of a caring strong leader the dog’s mind will

relax all leading to happy balanced relationship.

I am the coach – you are the quarterback – we along with your dog form a unique and lasting team. I

remain available to you not only throughout the training process but will coach you through issues for

the life of your dog. I am not a dictator I do not want to harm your dog and boss you around. In fact,

the only way to succeed is to partner with you and form a solid team. Yes, there are practical tips and

techniques but I consider engaging with your dog a lifestyle not a one-time event – a mental state of

mind for you and the dog not just physical behaviors.

We are located in the beautiful Front Range of Colorado – just outside of Fort Collins. Your dog will be

working outside, taking hikes and interacting with my solid pack of training partner dogs. There are

several program options – please see the programs/services tab.

I am a Professional Member of the IACP (International Association of Canine Professionals). It is an

organization established to maintain the highest professional and business standards among canine


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